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Effective Time Management


“ The whole course was perfect, very interesting, attractive and the most important very instructive.I liked the tools of planning.  I think it will help me not only during my work but in life as well.”
Anna Karchikyan, HSBC Armenia

“The instructor has not just read literature trying to teach us theory. The whole training was full of tools making the training very understandable. I am really pleased by the course, especially by the interactive style of teaching.”
Vruyr Boyajyan, HSBC Armenia

Time management techniques are some of the most important skills that you can learn. Effective time management will help you to boost your productivity and achieve a more successful and fulfilling career. With good time management skills, you will be able to manage your resources better, raise the profitability of the company and be a valued employee.

Our Effective Time Management course will enable you to:

- set the right goals in the right way
- set and really achieve short, middle and long-term goals
- obtain tools for effective planning
- acquire tools to control your activities and increase efficiency
- set priorities in the right way
- identify time wasters and struggle against them
- obtain techniques to struggle against procrastination
- establish work-life balance
- manage stress when being overloaded
- get a “toolbox” of 25 techniques of planning, economizing your time and achieving more

By the end of this course you will be able to
set your short, middle and long-term goals in a smart way to reach them faster and better, prepare your activities and plan your tasks more efficiently, prioritize your tasks in order to take conscious control of your choices, spend your time on the projects and tasks that are important and valuable and less time on work-related stress better.

The course will help you make your life more successful.

The course is for

- Everyone who works within strict time frames and under pressure
- Anyone who wishes to manage the work and life better


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