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Presentation skills are essential in today’s business world. It is a must for the success of the company and for your own success. An expert presenter does not merely deliver information; he or she makes a real connection with the audience.  The strength of this connection, as well as the clarity of the presentation, makes the difference between success and failure. The course will help you to have achievements though attractive and confident presentations with small and large audiences. Discover valuable new tricks and proven techniques that guarantee you will deliver memorable and attention-grabbing presentations, talks and sales pitches.

Our Persuasive Presentation Skills course will enable you to:
-  apply important tools and strategies to prepare for presentations effectively
-  structure the presentation in a concise way
-  effectively open, deliver the body and close the presentations
-  apply special tools and techniques in order to make the presentation more persuasive and appealing
-  learn easy ways to engage the audience, interact with them and manage adversity.
-  apply strategies to handle difficult questions
-  use verbal and non-verbal communication effectively 
-  project confidence and credibility 
-  apply a “toolbox” of 10 persuasion skills for effective presentations

By the end of this course you will be able to use special techniques for preparation of a well-structured presentation, to apply several tools for effective opening and closing, to deliver the presentation using basic and powerful techniques  of speech, to interact with the audience more effectively and confidently, to overcome the stress and handle difficult questions through different types of communication techniques and use persuasion skills in order to sound more confident and influential to the audience.

The course is for:

-  People who make different types of presentations
-  Anyone who wishes to improve presentation skills


Corse Dates:
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A feedback on Persuasive Presentations Course from Macadamian Armenia General Manager




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