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ACCA Entry Requirements

ACCA now has two entry routes to the ACCA qualification, each with different entry requirements. The two routes are:
1.      Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)
2.      Direct entry to the ACCA qualification
Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)
Students can register for FIA without any prior academic qualifications. The FIA has a number of different qualifications but students who intend to pursue the ACCA qualification at a later stage will be interested only in the Diploma in Accounting and Business.
The three examinations for this Diploma share the same syllabus and examination as the corresponding papers in the ACCA qualification. Students who obtain the diploma can then progress to the ACCA qualification in the same way as if they had registered for direct entry to the ACCA qualification and had passed the three papers in the ACCA knowledge module.
This particular entry route is suitable for anyone who does not have a university education, or who has not completed their university education. There is nothing to stop a university graduate from registering for the FIA, and such a student could continue with ACCA after obtaining the Diploma, but unless a graduate was intending to obtain some of the other qualifications in FIA, it would be preferable to register as an ACCA student.
Direct entry to the ACCA qualification:
The official academic entry requirements stated by ACCA refer to pre-university educational qualifications common in UK, which do not apply in Armenia. The qualifications concerned are basically those that would permit the student to enter a UK university. If you have completed a recognised university course in Armenia, or are currently attending such a course, you will be accepted as a student member of ACCA.
Furthermore, if you have sufficient academic qualifications that would permit you to attend a university in Armenia (even if you are not currently on a university course) you should be accepted as a student member of ACCA, although there would be less complications with your registration if you registered for FIA..
Please note that if your objective is to become a qualified member of ACCA then there is no substantive difference between registering for FIA or for ACCA other than the entry requirements. The FIA entry route does allow you to obtain qualifications other than the Diploma in Accounting and Business but if you are aiming at ACCA then you will probably not be interested in these other qualifications. One other minor difference is that if you register for ACCA you could attempt up to four papers in your first exam sitting (only three if doing it through FIA) but in any event it is good advice  to pass the three papers for the Diploma before proceding to later papers..


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