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Registering as a student

CIMA operates a flexible entry policy, which means that if students believe that they have good knowledge and understanding of mathematics and English, there is no requirement for formal qualifications to register with CIMA.

Registration as a student of CIMA is completed on line, including payment of the relevant fees. IAB has produced a separate leaflet called ‘Getting started with CIMA’ which explains the registration process. If you intend to register as a CIMA student please ask IAB Centre for a copy of that leaflet. For all the information you need on CIMA fees and deadlines please download CIMA factsheet.

In view of the various declarations that each applicant has to make during the initial online registration process, CIMA requires that the data is entered by the student and not someone on the student’s behalf. Intending applicants are welcome to use IAB’s internet facilities and we will provide assistance during the registration, but all information must be keyed in by the actual applicant.

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