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 Armenians on top 


There is no doubt that Armenia is streets ahead in this region when based on the head count of qualified members of ACCA. If you refer to the members’ register on the ACCA website you will find 46 Armenians have been accepted as fully qualified members of ACCA compared to 15 in Georgia and 25 in Azerbaijan (at September 2011).
The success rate of students attending courses at IAB Centre continues to exceed the worldwide averages. This continuing feed of finance specialists into the Armenian economy will eventually have a beneficial effect on Armenia’s economic development, providing employers take advantage of the skills which these professionals have acquired. Sadly, there are still too many entities in Armenia who see the accountant’s role simply in terms of helping with the need to satisfy accounting and taxation regulations; the business development skills of the modern finance specialist tends to be an underutilised resource. Hopefully this situation will change with time and growth in the Armenian business environment.
IAB Centre wishes to congratulate all successful students for their remarkable performance in the June examinations and to those who were not successful this time we offer them our encouragement to keep trying, success will come with perseverance.. 



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