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IFRS Feedbacks
 “In this course I liked the most the logics of the course, practical examples, friendly atmosphere and the explanation of the questions”
Sona Osipyan, Viva Cell MTS

 “I wish the course was longer. In general the courses organized by IAB Centre are very quality”
Vitali Kudryashov, Viva Cell MTS 

"The course was very useful. It had a very positive impact and I have received lots of new knowledge"

Gohar Gevorgyan, National Acadmemy of Sciences of Armenia

 "IAB Centre IFRS course was excellent" 
Karine Hovhannisyan, National Acadmemy of Sciences of Armenia

"The course was organized in a high quality"
Susanna Martirosyan, National Acadmemy of Sciences of Armenia

"I really liked the way the trainer gave explanations and practical work"
Anahit Ihovhannisyan, Hayinkasacia

"I would like to say that IAB Centre courses are really of high quality"
Gayane Azatyan, Chilingaryan Design

"I really pelased with the IFRS knoweldge I have received at IAB Centre"
Yevgenyan Bagiryan, Unileasing
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