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IAB Teen Students Awarded by PET
IAB Centre is proud of its teen students who have recently been awarded by PET Certificates from Cambridge University
 ESOL. As our PET trainer  Talar Stepanian commented in her interview, our PET students really did hard work during the preparation for the exams and that was really rewarding  to everyone.
Later on the PET participants expressed their own opinion about the course.

Linda Mkhitaryan (12-year-old, school N 172) stated, “The courser was organized in quite an exciting and interesting way.
 Suchlike exams provide us with new opportunities to visit English speaking countries and  serve as a proof of good knowledge of English for some prestigious Armenian high schools”.

Ruben Melkonyan
(15-year-old, Armenian National Lyce'e after Anania Shirakatsi) “I am glad to have the opportunity to participate in PET exam  courses provided by IAB Centre. The lessons were fun and productive. We had a nice time and learnt lots of new skills.  It will help me in my future as a competitive advantage for the first employment”. 

There are numerous standardized tests to indicate the English level of candidates. The long list of exams includes Cambridge exams  that are known world over.

They are run by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL) - one of the world's leading providers of exams for learners of English. The key training provider for these exams in Armenia is IAB Centre which has successfully implemented PET training program to enhance kids knowledge in English and give them  an opportunity to successfully  pass this  examination. A student who can pass the PET will be comfortable with letter writing, note-taking, reading simple magazine or newspaper articles and dealing with everyday situations in an English-speaking country.

This is also a good means for children to get used to international examination environment. 
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