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Win an English Class with IAB Centre!
Win an English class with IAB Centre!

- You wish to improve your General English! 
- You wish to feel more confident in English speaking environment!
- You wish to make an impression on your employer with your perfect English!

Then this is a wonderful chance for you. 

What do you need to do?
Choose one of these topics below and write a composition – 100-150 words. You can write the composition in English or in Armenian. The language does not matter.

The topics are:
- "How I dream to see the world"
- “The importance of education in my life”
- “The influence of social networks on Armenian youth”
- “There are more interesting things in life than a computer”

Where and when to send them? 
Send the composition to IAB Centre facebook ( 
http://www.facebook.com/iab.centre ) by message by May 15. Please remember to send your contacts – email and phone number as well. They are for internal use.

What will happen then?
IAB Centre will post them in our facebook Page ( 
http://www.facebook.com/IabCentrePage ) as an image, in an album named “Win an English class with IAB Centre!”. The compositions may receive “likes” until May 20. The winners will be announced on 21.

How should you win and who will win?
Those compositions that get the most “likes” will become winners.

What are the prizes?
The 1-st place – 2 people will come to a General English course for absolutely free.
The 2-nd place – 2 people will get a 50% discount for a General English course 
The 3-rd place – 2 people will receive a 40% discount for a General English course
The 4th place – 2 people will receive a 30% discount for a General English course 
The 5th place – 2 people will receive a 20% discount for a General English course 
The competition is for General English courses to be held from June to August. 
Use your chance to be with IAB Centre and do something useful during the summertime!

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