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What exemptions will I get?

Please visit
www.accaglobal.com to check what exemptions you are entitled to.

Which Options Modules should I take?

You have to choose 2 of 4 Options papers. Your choice should be based on interest and career goals.

Does it matter in which order students sit the papers in a qualification?

ACCA has established a set order in which the exams must be taken. The whole syllabus is divided into four modules: Knowledge, Skills, Essentials and Options. You can choose the order of papers within a module but you cannot change the order of modules. You may take as many as four exams in one sitting as long as you follow the prescribed order.

How many years does it take to finish the qualification?

It usually takes 3 to 4 years depending on the exemptions you receive and the number of exams that you attempt each sitting.

How can I book my paper-based exam?

You can register for paper-based exams through the ACCA website 

When are the ACCA paper-based exam dates?

ACCA Rules and Deadlines  

What is the advantage of taking CBE rather than paper based exam?

The examination schedule is more flexible because you are not restricted to the June and December examinations. In addition you will know your result immediately after you have completed you exam.  

Are the CBE exams easier than Paper Based Exams?

No, the standards are exactly the same in both exams.  

If I submit an answer during the CBE exam and later wish to change my mind, is it possible?

Yes, you can change your answers as many times as you wish providing you do it within the 2 hours permitted for the exam.

Can I walk in and take my exam at any time?

No, IAB Centre has to carry out various registration procedures with ACCA, and we announce exam dates regularly.  

If I book to take a CBE exam and later change my mind, what happens?

You will lose your examination fee, because examination fees cannot be transferred to later dates.

Is CBE less expensive than Paper Based Exam?

No, it’s slightly more expensive.

How do I register to take CBEs at IAB Centre?

There are two basic steps, although they can be done simultaneously:

1.   Inform IAB that you wish to sit CBEs. This commits you to nothing; it simply allows IAB to register your details with ACCA so that you will be permitted to take exams at our Centre when you are ready to do so. This step is not necessary if you have previously taken a CBE at IAB Centre,

2.   Complete the booking form (electronically) and submit it to IAB.

If you are applying for your first CBE at IAB Centre, you must contact IAB at least one week prior to your intended exam date. This is to allow IAB sufficient time for your details to be registered with ACCA.

What happens if I change my mind about taking CBEs?

It depends on what stage has been reached with your application. If you have merely shown an interest (and have not made a firm booking) then nothing happens, you can simply forget about it. But if you have completed a booking form and the date has been confirmed by IAB then you are committed to take the exam at that time. If you do not take the exam at the agreed time your exam fee will be forfeited and cannot be transferred to a later date.

Can I change my mind about the date of my exam after paying for a booking?

Strictly speaking you cannot because there are various regulations imposed by ACCA that constrain this process. However, in exceptional circumstances we will do all that we can to accommodate a request for a change providing we receive it at least three days before the date of the exam you have previously booked. Such changes are entirely at the discretion of IAB Centre and any decision made on this is not negotiable.

How do the standards of CBEs compare to paper-based exams?

According to ACCA the exam standards are exactly the same.

Can I use Excel or some of the Internet tools while I am taking CBEs?

No; the normal Windows operating environment is locked down while the CBE is running.

Can I change my answers after submitting them?

Yes; you can change any answer as many times as you wish providing you do it within the time allowed for the exam. The process is even easier than with paper-based exams.

With paper-based exams I can see which questions I have not yet answered; how does this work with CBEs?

The operating environment is very user-friendly and there is an on screen indicator to show which question have been answered and which have not. You can even use this to scroll through your answers and change them should you wish to do so.

What happens if there is a power outage or an internet failure during the exam?

The CBE software is extremely robust and can deal with a power outage providing it does not last for longer than one hour. When power is resumed you will be taken back to wherever you were when the outage occurred. It is not necessary for the internet to be running while the exam is in progress; the internet is only needed for access at the start of the exam and for uploading the results at the end of the exam.



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