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November 2009 CIMA first introduction to Armenian business community with the help of speakers from  IAB Centre, World Bank and CIMA members. 
September 2009  IAB becomes a listed tuition provider and a computer-based assessment centre for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). 
August 2009 

Managing Director of IAB appointed as Ambassador for ACCA in the Caucuses Region

August 2009  Introduction of ILEC and ICFE courses in Armenia by our Language Academy

IAB selected by USAID Financial Sector Deepening Project (FSDP) to hold re-training courses on IFRS for accountants and managers in the Finance Sector

April 2009 IAB publishes book comparing IFRS with Armenian GAAP
December 2008  IAB held first IFRS course in Armenia for chief accountants of Central Bank of Armenia and all commercial banks
July 2008 Managing Director of IAB becomes Vice President/Treasurer of AmCham
July 2008 In-house courses held for newly recruited trainees of Ernst and Young
March 2008 IAB Licensed as a computer-based exam (CBE) centre for ACCA
January 2008 IAB recognised by ACCA as a Gold Learning Partner following inspection visit by
Nataliya Vovchuk (Head of ACCA Ukraine)
2007 ACCA student numbers attending courses at IAB exceed 200
October 2007 First ACCA courses held in Georgia for PricewaterhouseCoopers
2007 IAB obtains licence to print BPP study materials in Armenia
February 2007

IAB attends Teachers’ Conference on ACCA's new syllabus in Manchester, UK

2006 IAB accepted as member of American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham)
2006 English language academy established as separate department
2005 ACCA student numbers exceed 100 for the first time: In-house course held for KPMG newly recruited trainees
2004 Following high success rates of ACCA students attending IAB courses, students numbers begin to grow rapidly
October 2003 IAB successful in getting ACCA to accept BEC at higher level as proof of competence in English language for the purposes of Oxford Brookes BSc degree
September 2003 IAB successful in introducing University of Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) into Armenia and starts holding BEC courses
May 2003 Accredited under the EU Business Advisory Service (BAS) in Armenia
May/June 2003 Training course provided to Central Bank of Armenia on International Financial Reporting Standards
March 2003 IAB joins the scholarship committee of USAID. Armenian students are permitted to attend courses at IAB as part of the USAID scholarship programme
February 2003 Simon Thompson from ACCA in Prague visits Armenia and IAB acts as host
December 2002 IAB chosen by USAID to provide training courses in Gyumri and Kapan
Sept/Nov 2002 Training course provided for Grant Thornton Amyot on International Financial Reporting Standards
August 2002 Recognised by ACCA (UK) as a registered tuition provider under ACCA’s University and Colleges Registration Scheme (UCRS)
April 2002 First series of ACCA classes commenced
December 2001 First publicly offered seminar – Finance for Non-Financial Managers
October 2001 IAB Centre formed as a closed joint stock company

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