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Competitive English Trainers Competition 

We are happy to report that IAB Centre has successfully completed another project aimed at improving training skills among students as a continuation of the Competitive English Trainers Competition. We are happy to note that four of the participants in the trainings were recruited to go on with their training career at IAB Centre... more

New International Qualification Program: ICBRR

IAB Centre continues to contribute to the development of the Armenian labour market by offering new internationally recognized qualifications. On May 12 we will launch a new international qualification course on risk management /ICBRR/. More than 18 employees from leading financial companies will be involved in the program... more

IAB Teen Students Awarded by PET  Certificates from cambridge ESOL

IAB Centre is proud of its teen students who have recently been awarded by PET Certificates from Cambridge University ESOL. As our PET trainer  Talar Stepanian commented in her interview, our PET students really did hard work during the preparation for the exams and that was really rewarding  to everyone.
Later on the PET participants expressed their own opinion about the course... more

IAB Centre has always been proud of its talents and is always ready to help them in their new achievements

On March 5, 2012 IAB Centre Business English trainer Karine Vardazaryan won  the bronze medal for ELT Blogathon 2012 which is an annual online event that brings together ELT professionals worldwide. During the whole project she demonstrated her commitment  and skills. Read an exclusive interview with her here.

Professional training centre to be established in Dushanbe, Tajikistan (March, 2012)

IAB Centre, in partnership with Grant Thornton, one of the leading audit and advisory firms in Tajikistan, are pleased to present a professional education and training facility establishment project in Tajikistan. This programme will provide quality, accredited academic courses in the areas of finance and accounting and will lead to the internationally recognised professional qualifications of ACCA, CIMA, CertIFR, and the risk management certifications provided by GARP. The program includes a front-loaded intensive training course in English language...more

The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) certification ceremony (Feb 2012)

 The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) certification ceremony, held at Congress Hotel on 15 February was a ground breaking event for the financial sector of the RA. This prestigious event stemmed from the cooperation of GARP (a not-for-profit organization based in USA) and IAB Centre (an Armenian training provider) and was aimed at further development of risk management in the RA. Please download the News release to find out more.

IAB Centre in Cooperation with WEGO for the Development of Entrepreneurship in Armenia (2011)

IAB Centre and the Women Empowerment Global Outreach (WEGO) organization have entered a strategic partnership to provide rigorous and focused on empowering women in Armenia with relevant entrepreneurial training attuned to needs and emphases in the Armenian business and social context... more

Armenians on top again (June 2010)

Armenians continue to top of the Regional league tables for successful finalists in the globally recognised professional examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA , UK). From the December 2009 and June 2010 examinations, Armenia can boast of eleven (11) successful finalists compared to Georgia with only one and Azerbaijan with only one...more

New ACCA exit levels and diplomas

The current ACCA qualification has only one exit level - membership of ACCA (or affiliate status) after completing 14 examinations. Intermediate qualifications and diplomas do not exist and the most that a student can receive throughout the 14 examinations is notification of examinations passed. Starting from December 2011 a series of diplomas can be obtained throughout the qualification process. These diplomas will be issued to current students who satisfy the relevant conditions...more

   Armenian students in the lead

The eagerly awaited ACCA exam results for December 2009 show that yet again Armenian students are leading the field in obtaining this prestigious professional qualification. The results show that Armenia produced eight new affiliates (those who have completed the gruelling 14 examinations), whereas Azerbaijan produced only three and Georgia one... more

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

In September 2009 IAB became a CIMA Listed Tuition Provider and registered CBA centre for the CIMA computer-based examinations. Course leading to the CIMA qualification will start in 2010. Most Armenian students who register with CIMA will be required to sit at least two (out of five) of the entry level papers but on completion of this level will be awarded the Certificate in Business Accounting (CBA). Examinations for CBA are computer-based and there are no specific deadlines; students can apply to sit the examinations at any time, subject to the administration procedures at IAB centre. There are deadlines for application to sit the professional level exams; further details are available from IAB Centre.

First time adoption of IFRS

The financial year 2009 will be the first year that Banking institutions in Armenia will be required to prepare their financial statements under IFRS. The transition from Armenian GAAP to IFRS will not simply be a case of changing the way that assets, liabilities and equity are measured and recognised at the end of the year. IFRS 1 (First time adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards) has many regulations regarding the first financial statements prepared under IFRS, all of which must be strictly applied if the entity wishes to claim that its financial statements are prepared in accordance with IFRS. more  


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