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 International English Language Testing System

IELTS is a world recognized English language test that you need to take when applying to a university abroad or migrating to a number of English speaking countries.

Studying IELTS with IAB Centre will give you a chance to pass the exam successfully thanks to acquired language competences and important exam techniques.

During IELTS course you will cover all the exam sections. Our courses are suitable for both academic and general modules candidates.

Our IELTS course will enable you to:
-  apply important exam strategies and techniques by practicing IELTS tests in accordance with IELTS official exam format.
-  improve the four language skills of the test through a practical and exam-focused course
-  develop the test taking strategies and receive an in-depth feedback for future better performance

By the end of this course you will be able to apply exam techniques and skills professionally and get the test score you need.

The course is for:

People who need to take an IELTS test 


IELTS sample test result + required score for eligibility analysis

During IELTS course you will cover all the exam sections:

Listening Section:
One of the biggest challenges in this section is that the record is played once only and exam takers need special skills to complete it successfully. During the course you will learn the strategies of doing the listening part, such as previewing and predicting skills, understanding the instructions, listening to specific information which will help you do the section successfully.

Reading Section:
This section will give you a chance to grasp both the big picture and the minor points of the texts, distinguish facts from opinions and attitudes, and identify the overall purpose of the passage. During the section a special attention will be paid to the time-management constraints and skills.

Writing Section:
During this part you will learn the format of writing task 1 and 2. This section will teach you to write your tasks in a coherent and logical way in order to win a good score from the section. You will practice them on a regular basis.

Speaking Section:
Besides learning the special format of the speaking part, students will learn to effectively provide factual, sensitive, informative, comparative and descriptive type of information. All the tips obtained from the course and speaking exercise will also boost your fluency and confidence and lessen the tension during the oral exam.

There are 3 formats of IELTS course at IAB Centre:
-  IELTS Course
-  IELTS Revision and Mock exam
-  IELTS Mock Exam


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