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 Business English Certificate

BEC (Business English Certificates) is a world famous Business English qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge. It is proof that you can actually use the language in a business context.

Studying BEC with IAB Centre will give you a unique chance to receive this qualification. Our highly experienced instructors specialized in business-oriented exam-based courses will help you to pass the exam successfully and receive the life-long Cambridge certificate.  There are three levels: BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, BEC Higher.

Our BEC course will enable you to:
-  improve your business English skills
-  apply BEC examination strategies and hands-on techniques during the examination
-  master exam skills through  a practical and exam-focused course
-  build confidence to be ready for the exam
-  improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Business English context   

By the end of this course you will be able to apply examination strategies and techniques and pass the exam successfully. 

The advantages of having a Business English Certificate (BEC) are:
-  It is an internationally recognized certificate with a life-long validity from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, UK
-  It is recognized by more than a thousand educational organizations, employers, ministries, government bodies and
-  professional organizations throughout the world
-  It involves the development of cross-cultural communication skills
-  It will and add value to your CV and so improve your job prospects

The course is for:
Anyone who wants to improve business English skills.

To start with the lowest level exam BEC Preliminary- the candidate should have an intermediate level of Business English. You can check you level of English with us.

There are three different levels of BEC:
-  BEC Preliminary (equivalent to the PET exam)
-  BEC Vantage (equivalent to the FCE exam)
-  BEC Higher (equivalent to the CAE exam).

BEC Preliminary:
BEC preliminary is at lower intermediate level and for candidates who have limited confidence in their English. It includes tests of reading and writing, listening and speaking. Candidates have to read reports, charts and advertisements, as well as write a short email or memo. They also have to understand short conversations and discussions and give a short presentation in the speaking test.

BEC Vantage:
BEC Vantage is at intermediate level and is suitable for candidates who have good confidence and fluency. It includes tests of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The tasks are more complex than Preliminary level and include reading longer business reports and company documents, writing letters or proposals, listening to short discussions, and contributing to a discussion about a business topic in the speaking part.

BEC Higher:
BEC Higher is an advanced level certificate and is for candidates who can use English very confidently in all professional and social situations. There are separate assessments in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

A single, overall grade is awarded, based on the aggregate of marks gained in the four components indicated above. There are no pass/fail marks for individual components, hence there is no requirement to reach a particular level in any component in order to achieve a pass in the examination. Three classes of passing grade are available, A, B and C and two classes of failing grade, D and E. All candidates are provided with a Statement of Results which includes a graphical display of the candidate's performance in each paper. These are shown against the scale Exceptional / Good / Borderline / Weak and indicate the candidate's relative performance in each paper. Passing candidates are awarded a certificate.

You can find more information about BEC.

Your path to the BEC qualification:
-  BEC Sample Test
-  Registration for the Course
-  Registration with the British Council of Armenia
-  BEC course
-  Mock Exam
-  Exam Discussion
-  BEC Exam at ESOLARM


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