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Welcome to IAB Centre’s recruitment service. On the left you will find tabs that give you access to the following services:


This page invites employees who are looking for a career move to complete our online form and to upload their CV. The CV’s posted in this repository are accessible only to employers who have subscribed to our recruitment service. It is not possible for anyone other than our subscribers to access these CVs after they are posted. The upload service is free of charge. Please take care in selecting an employment category; employers who subscribe to our recruitment service will filter their search based on these categories. Any employer who is interested in your CV will contact you directly.

This page will provide access to vacancies that have been posted on our website by our employer subscribers. There is a series of filters that will help prospective employees to search for a vacancy that matches their current level of experience and qualification.

Post job offers
This page explains what prospective employers must do if they wish to search our repository of CVs or place a job vacancy on our website.



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