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Accounting for Beginners


Description:  This course is intended for those who want to start their career in the field of Accounting and Finance. You will learn the basic principles of accounting and finance, and how to apply these principles through practical bookkeeping and accounting activities. The course includes a study of the regulatory framework that affects the accountant’s work such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Tax Legislation of RA.  

The complete course consists of two modules: Fundamental and Optional. The Fundamental module deals with all the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to start your career as and accountant. In the Optional module the students can choose either ArmSoft or 1C accounting software packages and if they wish can obtain practical experience in one of our partner firms of professional Accountants.


   Duration:                           Fundamental Module - 90 hours, 3 months
                                                           Optional Module - 20 hours, 1 month
                                                           Practical Experience - 1-3 months

Registration Deadline:      2 days before the start date                               

Pre-requisite:                    N/A

   Timing:                             Three times a week (evening hours)

   Registration Form:           click here


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